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A Survey on Capabilities of UNIMARC and IRANMARC for Archival Recourses Management on the Basis of Specialists Viewpoints

Mortaza Kokabi; Saeed Rezaei Sharifabadi; Farideh Osareh; Amir Reza Asnafi

Volume 12, Issue 2 , June 2014, , Pages 57-60

  If archival centers organize archival resources on the basis of safe and global archivalstandards, then they will be useful for scholars. Bibliographic relations are important and essential in organizing and managing of archives. These relations are predicted for books in libraries by UNIMARC and IRANMARC. ...  Read More

Measuring the Factors of Iranian Governmental Organizations’ Enterprise Portals

A. Ghaebi; S. Rezaei Sharifabadi; P. Nikoukar

Volume 10, Issue 2 , July 2012, , Pages 87-103

  This research investigates factors of enterprise portals of governmental organizations of Iran. Methods used in this research are literature and descriptive survey. Data was gathered by a researcher-made checklist for enterprise portal factors in the enterprise portals of governmental organizations ...  Read More

Assessment of Service Quality at Central Library of Management and Planning Organization (MPO), Iran

M. Hassanzadeh; S. Rezaei Sharifabadi; M. Derakhshan

Volume 8, Issue 1 , July 2010, , Pages 107-118

  This study examines the quality of services at Iran’s Central Library of Management and Planning Organization (MPO) from the viewpoint of itsusers. The research was conducted in two phases: First, the library and its services were compared to the Standards for Special Libraries published bythe National ...  Read More

A Study on the Feasibility of Subject Authority Control of Web-based Persian Medical Databases: An Iranian Experience

S. Rezaei Sharifabadi; A. Khosravi; M. Haji Zeinolabedini

Volume 7, Issue 2 , July 2009, , Pages 1-14

  One of the most important factors challenging the issue of "information storage and retrieval" in the Internet environment is the lack of control on authorities, i.e. subject authority control. The present research aims at examining the feasibility of subject authority control of Persian medical ...  Read More