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Developing a Prediction Model for Author Collaboration in Bioinformatics Research Using Graph Mining Techniques and Big Data Applications

Fezzeh Ebrahimi; Asefeh Asemi; Ahmad Shabani; Amin Nezarat

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, , Pages 1-18

  Nowadays, scientific collaboration has dramatically increased due to web-based technologies, advanced communication systems, and information and scientific databases. The present study aims to provide a predictive model for author collaborations in bioinformatics research output using graph mining techniques ...  Read More

Co-Concept Analysis in Bioinformatics Field by Yewno Based on Experts’ Viewpoints

Masoume Kiani; Asefeh Asemi; Mozaffar CheshmehSohrabi; Ahmad Shabani

Volume 18, Issue 2 , August 2020, , Pages 229-243

  In this paper, the opinions of bioinformatics experts were sought to examine the knowledge semantic maps. The research question was whether the mapping of bioinformatics field articles could contribute to the reflection of knowledge map in this field; can knowledge within articles be demonstrated through ...  Read More

Reading Behavior of Graduate Students in Digital Environment at University of Isfahan through 2008-2009: A Case Study

A. Shabani; F. Naderi kharaji; M. R. Abedi

Volume 10, Issue 1 , July 2012, , Pages 1-14

  This research attempted to study the reading behavior of graduate students in digital environment at University of Isfahan through 2008-2009.  Different elements such as types of electronic resources, reading methods, amounts of note taking, amounts of printing and the advantages of using the electronic ...  Read More

Investigating the Occupational Burnout of Librarians in University of Isfahan

A. Shabani; R. Rezaei Aderyani; M. R. Abedi; F. Naderi

Volume 10, Issue 2 , July 2012, , Pages 117-133

  Since early 1980s, many empirical studies were carried out to recognize stress syndrome and occupational burnout in the United States libraries; the results indicated that the librarians in other countries are susceptible to these two conditions, as well. The present paper investigates the rate of ...  Read More

Investigating the Citations Received by Journals of Directory of Open Access Journals from ISI Web of Science’s Articles

R. Saadat; A. Shabani

Volume 9, Issue 1 , July 2011, , Pages 57-74

  In this research, the citations received by DOAJ’s journals from the ISI Web of Science’s articles in 2003 to 2008 were studied and compared. The citations received by the journals in five fields (Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Pure Sciences, Technology & Engineering, and Health & ...  Read More