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A Systematic Review and Synthesis of Empirical Research on “Knowledge Leadership”: A New Insight in the Field of Knowledge Management

Rezvan Hosseingholizadeh; Hadi El-Farr; Nafiseh Taghizadeh Kerman; Hamide Lotfi; Mohammad Ahmadi; Mohammad Akhoondi; Seyyid Ali Salehi Baigi

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, , Pages 169-192

  This paper aims to synthesize findings drawn from studies on knowledge leadership to identify the key trend of research in the knowledge management literature over the past two decades. A systematic literature review was performed over a data set of 149 related studies published in the international ...  Read More

Challenges of Knowledge Flow in Islamic Azad University Libraries

Asgar Akbari

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, , Pages 297-309

  Knowledge management has an increasing role in knowledge-based organizations. Academic libraries have become an essential part of knowledge organizations, and knowledge management is vital. Therefore, this study addresses the challenges of knowledge management processes in Islamic Azad University libraries. ...  Read More

Teachers’ Awareness of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing behaviour in Secondary Schools-Nigeria

Ogagaoghene Uzezi Idhalama; Anthonia Ukamaka Echedom

Volume 19, Issue 1 , December 2021, , Pages 147-165

  The study investigated teachers’ awareness of knowledge management and knowledge sharing behaviour in secondary schools-Nigeria. Three objectives/ purposes guided the study and the hypothesis was tested at significance level of 0.05. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The ...  Read More

Developing a Model of Return on Investment in Knowledge Management

Mohammad Hasanzadeh; Soraya Daj

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July 2021, , Pages 125-136

  The importance of knowledge management as a competitive advantage is evident to everyone, and it is considered one of the critical factors of successful organizations. The capitalist view of knowledge management has led to the measurement of the return on investment resulting from it, ...  Read More

Knowledge Creation Environment in the Iranian Universities: A Case Study

Mahdi Shaghaghi; Amir Ghaebi; Seyedeh Fariba Ahmadi

Volume 18, Issue 2 , August 2020, , Pages 65-81

  The main purpose of the present research is to analyze the knowledge creation environment at an Iranian University (Alzahra University) as a typical University in Iran, using a combination of thei-System and Ba models. This study is necessary for understanding the determinants of knowledge creation at ...  Read More

Knowledge Management: The ability of Knowledge Sharing in Nursing and Midwifery Faculty

Zohre Eftekhar; Reza Shakeryari

Volume 16, Issue 1 , February 2018

  Knowledge management is a crucially influential factor in helping organizations survive and gain success in such a competitive environment and in this Information Age. Also, considering the fact that Sharing Knowledge in Nursing and Midwifery Faculty plays the role of a sample for others, tacit knowledge ...  Read More

Assessing Knowledge Translation in Iranian Medical Research Centres

Niloofar Mohaghegh; Maryam Zarghani; Iman Tahamtan; Ahmad Ghasghaee; Sorayya Mousavi

Volume 15, Issue 2 , June 2017

  Research centres have been always trying to promote their knowledge translation activities. Thus, understanding the status of knowledge translation in research centres is of high importance. The aim of this study was to investigate the status of knowledge translation in Iranian medical research centres ...  Read More