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1 Ph. D. ,Isfahan University , Isfahan

2 Isfahan University , Isfahan


In the new millennium, Information Technology (IT) has become very effective and this is becoming evident in both developed and developing countries. These areas are especially within the fields of information gathering, in the broadest sense, and of developing and strengthening networks both internal and external to the surrounding environment. Today, more and more companies, organizations and government offices are using the Internet to publicize or sell information about their particular area of expertise. Moreover, the speed with which information can be exchanged, e.g. between subsidiaries in a conglomerate , makes it attractive for the companies to tie these together and form networks in which experience, knowledge and resources can be easily shared across borders. Furthermore, access to a computer, a telephone line and a modem is what an ever increasing proportion of the society can afford. In this paper , we will discuss the impact of IT on Software Export , by using the experience of some developing countries such as India, … that have expanded their investment on IT and Information & Communication Technology (ICT). And finally, we will explain both external and internal software export barriers and give some suggestions for overcome the barriers, and expanding IT in Less Developing Countries (LDCs) like Iran.