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1 Ph. D. , Tarbiat Modarres University ,Tehran

2 Ph. D. , Shiraz University ,Shiraz


The first part of this article deals with ISI’s journal selection policy. Describing the importance of evaluation process as well as determining the status of Iran in knowledge production in the areas of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, etc. and comparing it with the articles published throughout the world between 1993-2000 are the next two parts of this article. The results indicate that during the aforementioned period, 5971 articles were written by Iranian researchers. Among different countries of the world, Iran’s contribution in article production was 0.03% in 1993. This number raised to 0.12% in the year 2000. The names and addresses of the Iranian researchers who have written 10 or more articles between 1993 and 2000 constitutes an important and interesting part of this article. Finally, some recommendations are made on how to increase knowledge production in Iran.