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1 Ph.D Student, Research Centre Jülich, Central Library, D-52425 Jülich

2 Research Centre Jülich, Central Library, D-52425 Jülich


This study aims to describe the way in which bibliometric analysis can become a trend recognition tool. The research work shows the application of bibliometric analysis in science. Such analyses provide information about the response received by scientific publications. The paper indicates how, with the aid of a tripartite division, it becomes possible to examine the past, present and future. For the past, it is above all the scientific output that is examined, for the present the response to this output is considered, and for the future perspective future fields are defined which provide information about this aspect. Indicators are introduced for each of the above-mentioned perspectives and the way these indicators are established is explained. With respect to the perspective of future fields, this involves investigating the interdisciplinarity of scientific publications. Bibliometrics is associated with methods of information management. These methods include, for example, critical success factors for trend recognition. A workflow additionally describes in four steps the different activities necessary for achieving the goal of trend recognition. Consideration is also given to possible forms of trends and how they are to be dealt with. The study concludes that it is possible to perform trend recognition by bibliometric methods.