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M.S. , East Azarbaijan Research Center for Natural Resources


Nowadays, standardized metadata for geospatial data is a key in sharing and finding information on the web and crucial in building Geospatial Data Infrastructure (GDI). The main objective of this paper was to develop a web-based metadata dissemination system for in-situ sensors based on, most importantly, interoperable, standard and open technologies introduced by Open GIS Consortium (OGC), namely Geography Markup Language (GML). In this research, at first a use case diagram was developed to demonstrate the user’s requirement. Then, an application XML schema based on user’s requirement was created. To build this schema, some GML schema documents (developed by Open GIS Consortium (OGC)) were imported into the application schema. System architecture was designed based on client/server model and a UML class diagram was also developed to present all classes and their attributes, operations and associations within the system. Implementation was conducted using GML, XML, XMLHTTP, DOM, ASP, and VBScript that brought out a web-network-based in-situ sensors metadata application. This application provided a user friendly interface to search and find sensor related information. Results showed that although GML and XML are powerful tools to build geo-metadata, it is important to note that GML document size may be a problem when dealing with huge amount of data.