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Ph.D. ,Director of ISESCO Regional Office in Tehran


The paper under review delineates the scenario, perspective and the future trends of science –Driven Entrepreneurship in the Islamic world. It digs outthe factors causing the sluggishness and suggests the plan of action for the renaissance of indigenous science –driven entrepreneurship with grafting ofthe modern scientific high tech marketing techniques on it. The paper highlights that entrepreneurship is both the cause and consequence ofeconomic growth, technological advancement and conceptual innovations and they are interknitted, interconnected and interwoven with one-another.The economic, political, social and religious components of the society influence the science driven entrepreneurship in the Islamic World. It depictsthe present situation and flashes back on the glaring Islamic era when Islamic Civilization was a beacon light and an icon scientific innovation,technological advancement and an improved entrepreneurship of that time, for the rest of the world. It was the time when almost the important seats ofscientific centers were filled with Muslim Scientists and the world was hovered over with the lucrative Muslim trading networks. The paperdiagnoses the pitfalls that caused the Islamic World lagging behind and provides food for the thoughts of scientists and experts pertaining to theEntrepreneurship Research and Policy Networks, the world over. It points out that all leading Muslim Scientists should have been more conscious andcommitted to commercializing their scientific and technological productions. It is high time for the Muslim Think Tank to synergize the efforts for thepromotion and development of scientific knowledge, technological advancement and an improved entrepreneurship. The paper concludes bysuggesting a tetra-pod model for the social reengineering process to improve the science driven entrepreneurship in the World of Islam.