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1 M. S., Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

2 M.S. , Research Center of the Parliament of Islamic Republic of Iran

3 B.S., Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

4 B.S , Isfahan University of Medical Sciences


There are evidences of the relationship between collaboration rate and quality of articles. The more the number of authors, the more qualified the article. Study of the collaboration rate among researchers is essential for strategic planning and research policy in major.The main objective of this research is to determine the authors' collaboration rate in the articles of Scientometrics journal. Other aims are determination of the number of articles of the journal during the mentioned year, the most prolific authors, the most prolific organizations and research centers, etc. The type of research is descriptive survey. Data was gathered via check list and analyzed through Excel.The most articles have been published in 2006 and the least in 2004. The mean number for each article is 2.33 authors. The collaboration coefficient is 0.60. Wolfgang Glänzel, Ronald Rousseau, and Leo Egghe are 3 writers who had the most articles and also the more collaboration during the mentioned years.Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) with 71 articles, University of Granada (Spain (with 49 articles and Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary) with 33 articles are the centers which had the most collaborations.