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1 Ph.D. , University of Dhaka

2 Ph.D. University of Dhaka

3 MPhil. University of Dhaka


Knowledge-based society is already established in some developed countries which are not far away from Bangladesh. In the transition to the knowledge/information based society, information literacy is essential for the effective and widespread use of information. It is used today to describe a set of skills and competencies, processes and actions, and attitudes that lead one to be a wise information consumer. This study observes information literacy concepts, standard indicators, and readiness of Central Public Library (CPL) and examines whether the CPL is ready to assume an enhanced responsibility for information literacy education. This study finds that the CPL in Bangladesh has shortcomings in information literacy education programmes due to lack of physical facilities, absence of information retrieval tools and low level of professional education of public library staff. However, recognition that present approaches are not meeting the requirements of users and more effective system with experienced educator is required. This study also emphasizes and suggests that without a push of external help through finance, professional expertise, facilities, and patronizations the CPL would not be able to properly address information literacy issues.