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Ph.D., University of Mysore


The present study aims at comparing purposes of using information by Iranian and Indian Social Science Faculty Members. Totally, 487 respondents (232 from Iran and 255 from India) were randomly selected from both countries. A questionnaire measuring extent of usage for various purposes—to prepare for teaching, to carry out research, to write research proposal, to design and develop research tools, to write articles/books, to deliver special lectures, to plan program /activity, to evolve innovative techniques, to crystallize broad and vague assertions, to maintain professional competence and self- improvement—was prepared by the investigator and administered to the sample selected.  Contingency coefficient analysis was employed to verify the hypothesis. Results revealed that teaching and research as purposes of using information were higher for Iranian faculty members than Indian faculty members. In development of research tools, writing articles/books and delivering special lectures, again Iranian faculty members used much more information.  To get clarity also Iranian faculty members used more information than Indian faculty members.  It is suggested that in India more facilities should be provided to increase the information usage for various purposes.