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Ph.D., Higher Education Complex of Kazeroon


This survey attempts to study and interpret the deployment of ICT by faculty members of departments of Education in universities of Iran. Descriptive analytical method was used as the research method. Questionnaires were distributed among 600 full-time faculty members of Education in universities of Iran. 410 (68.3%) respondents replied and completed questionnaires. SPSS was used to analyze the data. The data analysis showed that 97% of respondents used ICT. Findings indicated that 96.4% of respondents used computer followed by 96% the internet, 69.8% intranet, 72.9% online databases, 68.8% on-disc databases, 60.3% multimedia,  88.3% CDs & DVDs, 73.5% software tools, 94.9% digital printers, 91% digital scanners, 80.9% digital cameras, 76.4% data projector, 66.3% e-boards, 43.2% expert systems. Among the internet services, web, e-mail, news services and search tools were the most popular internet services being utilized by respondents while digital publishing and online shopping have been the least used services. It showed that the majority of respondents used ICT mostly for doing research, information seeking, classroom lectures, communicating and planning.