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International Journal of Information Science and Management Regional Information Center for Science and Technology Jam-e-Jam St. Jomhori Blvd. Shiraz  7194694171 Iran


The researchers of different fields are faced with extensive problems because of the complications of today’s world; therefore, making interdisciplinary links with other fields seems inevitable. In this regard, it seems that information science and knowledge are not needless of the findings of other disciplines because of their nature, aims, services and functions, and they are trying to drive the benefit of such links through establishing proper links with closer fields like communication. To this aim, the present research tries to introduce the media system dependency theory as one of the prominent theories in the field of communication, and also explains its potentials, and suggests its application in the theoretical framework of researches in information science and knowledge. It seems that using this theory in the studies of fields such as information seeking and searching, collection development, notices and service dissemination, information recovery, and also the field of promoting reading can open a new horizon to researchers in those fields, and therefore, help such studies to be scientifically fruitful.