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Nowadays, it is essential that researchers operationalize their research evidence with the help of knowledge brokers in proper communication with stakeholders and make such pieces of evidence applicable. The present study aims at psychometric of the self-assessment tool of academic researchers' knowledge translation activities and explaining the role of academic librarians in this process. This study was a methodology research. A questionnaire was designed and its psychometric properties including design, face validity and content validity, and internal and external reliability of the construct were measured. During the first and second stages of the research, the initial version of the questionnaire with 52 items was designed. During the third and fourth stages, the self-assessment section of knowledge translation activities was developed as the main structure of the questionnaire in four components, namely research question, knowledge creation, knowledge transfer, and promotion of using evidence. In the following, the psychometric analysis of the final version of the questionnaire (with 46 items) was approved for all the items with the impact score of 4.48, content validity index of 0.92, content validity ratio of  0.85, Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 0.91, and correlation coefficient of 0.93. The results of this study indicated that the developed questionnaire enjoys proper psychometric properties for the self-assessment of knowledge translation activities of academic researchers by considering the role of librarians in facilitating this process.