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Information literacy is a set of capabilities that requires individuals to know when they need information and the ability to locate, evaluate and effectively use the information they need. Informational literacy in the true sense can contribute to the empowerment of researchers in different academic fields. This research has been conducted to investigate the status of information literacy skills of the faculty members of Amin University. A survey method used to collecting data. The research population includes all the faculty members of Amin University. The data were collected through the American Information Literacy Questionnaire and a researcher-made questionnaire. The results showed that, in terms of "identifying information needs" with an average of 3.37, "effective and efficient access to information" with an average of 3.70, "evaluation of information and information channels" with an average of 3.18, "the effective use of information" with an average of 3.69, "observance of legal issues of information and citation practices" with an average of 3.94 are relatively favorable. In general, the information literacy of subjects under study was evaluated as higher than the optimal level with a mean percentage of 74.32 and a mean score of 3.71 out of 4. Therefore, it can be concluded that by presenting educational and research workshops, the inclusion of an information literacy course (theoretical and practical) at the top of the standards of skills and training of faculty members of the university, a great step would be taken in improving their information literacy.