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Department of English Language Teaching, Institut Agama Islam NegeriPalangka Raya, Indonesia


This study portrays the status of Open Access Journals in the ten countries joining the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Integrating the data from the ASEAN Citation Index, Directory of Open Access Journals, and Scopus, each captured from wider to narrower angels, this work could take a better full-length portrait of such journals including some relevant information in the region.In the first index, the nine countries registered 587 journals, over 50% not listed in the second index. In the second index, the six member states published 1,623 journals of which 39% adopted Creative Common BY. For about two decades they have shown publication and registration growth rates over double than the world has. Indonesia could dominate in all but the third index. In Scopus, the journals in the region averaged below the global averages of all bibliometric indicators but Scholarly Output. Despite this, three countries were above the global average in eight indicators. Over 40% of the 98 journals were ranked in Quartile 2.Such a marked contrast between the number of journals indexed in the second index and that in the third one could lead to the better intra- and inter- collaborations to give the scientific productivity higher visibility and impact.