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This study examined important information resources and format inclination of information resources utilized by science and technology (S&T) researchers as they acquire information in the course of their projects. The study institute was “Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO) in Nigeria”. The study employed the research design of mixed methods. Questionnaires were utilized for S&T researchers and interview engagements with professional librarians in order to collect data. One hundred and fourteen copies were received for the questionnaires distributed to S&T researchers. All the professional librarians (five) working in the institute’s library were acceptably interviewed. The S&T researchers uncovered that the journal was the information resource most important to them. The preferred format for information resources was the combination of print and non-print resources. We recommend that both print and electronic versions of information resources should be provided for the researchers by the institute’s administrators. Further studies are required on expansion and changes in S&T researchers’ information resource preferences in order to adequately tackle their contemporary and prospective need for information.