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Researchers worldwide are striving hard to find a solution for the coronavirus pandemic and reduce the fatalities from this severe outbreak. The purpose of this article is to evaluate and visualize the published documents about coronavirus research, based on extracted data from Web of Science (WoS) citation database. The study used a bibliometric method and social network analysis. Data were collected using the WoS database on February 23, 2020, with 13252 records being retrieved and used as the study sample. Descriptive statistics were used in the bibliometric method and network analysis. Text Statistics Analyzer and ISI.exe were used to compute the number of authors per document. VOSviewer and UCINET were used respectively for visualization and for measuring the centrality and the density of networks. Study findings indicate the top actors of the scientific society (authors, institutions, countries) that had the most publication on coronavirus. Similarly, the top keywords used by authors were identified. Also, the density and centrality measures of co-authorship networks (degree, closeness, betweenness) for the top 10 authors, institutions, countries, and keywords were identified. The Journal of Virology had the highest number of published papers on coronavirus research. The study revealed that the leading researchers and institutions were mostly from the United States of America, England, China, Germany, Netherlands, France, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.