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The study aims to determine if academicians from professional colleges use SNS  to determine an association between demographic variables and factors. Variables and factors such as the purpose of SNS use, benefits of using SNS, improvement in factors of academic performance, challenges faced by academicians, and benefits of SNS in research work. The research method has used a survey with a questionnaire. The questionnaires were distributed to the academicians in selected professional colleges in and around Pune city, and responses were collected. The study observed that most faculties from professional colleges have accounts and are familiar with different SNS. It gives the ranking of SNS by Garrett’s Ranking Technique as per the personal and academic use of SNS by academicians. Academicians get various benefits from using SNS, whereas they also face some challenges while using SNS. It is discussed with percentage analysis. Using ANOVA and PAIRED SAMPLE “t” TEST found a significant association between the Demographic variables and the factors under usage of Social Networking Sites. The factors especially considered towards satisfaction using Social Networking Sites by the academicians were analyzed using multiple regression analysis.