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1 Research Scholar, Department of Library and Information Science, Mizoram University, India

2 Associate Prof., Department of Library and Information Science, Mizoram University, India


The present study is carried out for analyzing the contents of national libraries’ websites in Asia. A checklist was designed, and library webpages were evaluated, such as the site description, TLDs, language used, design factor, statement of responsibility, general information, availability of aids and tools, authority details, currency, number of visitors, file format supported, use of web 2.0 tools, webpage size and download speed and ranking of Asian national library websites globally. It is observed that 39 national libraries have dedicated library websites. Further observed that all the national libraries have used graphics in their website, while few have used animations also. Most library websites have provided statements of responsibilities like postal address, email address, and phone numbers, and few have given fax numbers. Only a few have given the currency of their national library websites like date of update, which is an essential part of the website’s visibility. The National Library of Japan secured the top position based on global ranks with 8,662, Azerbaijan with 13,507 ranks, and Taiwan with 17,673 ranks. 20.1001.1.20088302.2022.