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Kwara State University


The mission and vision of any library is the provision of information resources and services to satisfy users of the library, Libraries are the heart of any institution supporting teaching, learning and research. The law library is not an exception to this.  This study focused on users’ satisfaction with legal information resources in Adeleke University Faculty of law library Ede, Nigeria. The study employed descriptive survey research design and purposive sampling technique to select sample size of 100 respondents using the library regularly through the library register opened to monitor users on daily basis. Questionnaire as instrument for data collection. 95 of the questionnaire was returned meaning 95% response.  The study was carried out to know why respondents visit the law library, level of satisfaction with available resources, services and facilities. The findings of the study showed that respondents were satisfied with available resources and facilities, insecurity of items kept in the library cloakroom was a major challenge. The study recommended more security services for users’ belongings while using the library and improvement of internet facility.


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