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The study focuses on Research Data Management (RDM), aiming to demonstrate how RDM is evolving globally. It provides a systematic mapping of the current literature to aid in identifying core coverage and reflecting on potential trends using the scientometric technique. For detailed thematic analysis, performance analysis, network representation, science mapping, and scientific collaboration, this study used bibliometric tools such as the R package Biblioshiny, ScientoPy, and VOSviewer. Two premier indexing databases, SCOPUS and Web of Science, which extensively cover RDM literature, are appropriately considered. Furthermore, all retrieved documents are refined by language, document type, and irrelevant keywords for practical analysis. This study covers the Research Data Management (RDM) literature from 1926 to 2020, with 6263 documents published from 1666 sources and 15,545 authors. The most common domains discovered in RDM research are Computer Science, Library and Information Science. RDM is primarily familiar and cultivated in nations such as the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia are pioneers in RDM research. The findings are vital for researchers working on RDM projects and policy formulation. This research helps to identify the literature's strengths and potential gaps. This secondary data contributes significantly to the scientific landscape in scientific production, network architecture, source clustering, and international collaboration, the evolution of dominant subjects and countries, and science mapping of productive word frequency.


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