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1 Kenyatta University Nairobi, Kenya

2 Federal Polytechnic Ede, Nigeria.


The study evaluates ICT facilities and their use by Kenyatta University Postmodern Library patrons. The study's objectives were to assess the available ICT facilities in Kenyatta University Post Modern Library and determine the purpose of using the facility and the challenges patrons face while using ICT facilities. The study employed descriptive survey research; 120 respondents were chosen as the population. Total enumeration was used as the sample size. A convenience sample technique was used for the study. The study used a questionnaire as a major data collection instrument; it was administered to 120 Kenyatta University Post Modern Library staff patrons through the Google form platform. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive analysis through frequency and percentages. The study revealed that computers, printers, the internet, and photocopying machines, among others, are the available ICT facilities in the Library. The finding also indicates that the available facilities are used for scanning, photocopying, surfing the internet, and researching. The study recommends that the Library should improve internet connectivity by increasing bandwidth. The Library should improve on training the users on ICT skills to enhance the use of ICT facilities in the Library; the Library should seek funds to enable it to acquire more ICT facilities.


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