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1 Library Assistant, Ramakrishna mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute.

2 NDLI (National Digital Library of India)


Scientometric study on covid-19 has taken place to highlight the latest trend and situation of literature on covid-19. After the outbreak from Wuhan city, coronavirus spread over the world and that destroyed the whole health, mobility, livelihood and socio-economic management. To make a qualitative and quantitative investigation this scientometric study is eventuated. Thousands of research output are proliferating on this epidemic situation. During 18 months (2019 December-2021 May) WOS database indexed 1234 literature on covid-19 and related topics. Most of the publishers dropped their paywall and made it open access for more communication. To exact all secondary bibliographic data a string was created with a time span. For visualization and mapping, a .txt file has been downloaded from the WOS database. Some statistical formulas are adequate to calculate annual growth rate (AGR), author productivity, collaborative coefficient (CC).  WOS viewers, MS Excel, QGIS, software also used for data representation. The outcome results are, the direction of literature growth map always upwards. In the top 10 journals and authors, ‘Medicine’ and ‘Wang J’ ranked top. Author collaboration was maximum (0.997) but more collaboration was required. China, India and the USA contributed the most with relevant research output. Covid-19 is near all subject disciplines, where medical science, environmental science, engineering and social science are gathered. It is hoped that this type of research outcome will help the government and society to manage and develop strategies for the future to prevent such natural disasters. 



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