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1 Senior Assistant Librarian, University for Development Studies, Ghana.

2 Assistant Librarian, Wesley College of Education, Ghana.

3 Senior Assistant Librarian, C. K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ghana.


Information literacy is an essential skill of the 21st century in pursuing information and knowledge. Incorporating it into the College of Education curriculum should be an integral education component. A survey research approach was used to identify different information literacy skills possessed by 83 Level 200 students in a Ghanaian College of Education. The study's significant findings disclosed that most students are not used to Boolean operators and truncation to retrieve information. It also emerged that students are trained in information literacy skills in research methodology, library instruction, and the use of computers. Challenges faced by the students in learning information literacy skills are overcrowded lecture halls and insufficient learning materials. The study adds to the existing literature on information literacy and indicates the urgency, relevance, and need for all Colleges of Education in Ghana to integrate the course into their curriculum.


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