Improved Retrieval of Online Images via Site Operator: Findings at a Website Level

Hamid Keshavarz, Saleh Rahimi



The current paper aimed to explore how image indexing and annotating could improve image retrieval via site operator command. Also was among the goals of the study to compare the effectiveness of different codes assigned to sample images in retrieval ranks of images by Google search engine. Using quasi-experimental method 100 images were selected, each image was uploaded 9 times by concept-based characteristics on site Analysis consists of images which retrieved from the site operator command. Number of images retrieved by the site operator command is 151 images of total 900 that are used in the study.  The minimum number of retrieved images is related to “image titles” and the maximum to the criteria images which entitled with Q code. Chi-square statistics showed that the number of images retrieved in various codes was different. The best ranking is related to “image title” and the weakest to “image caption in Farsi”. Images average ranking retrieved in 9 groups were different.  Findings reflect problems and issues of image indexing and retrieval and put forward some ways to overcome the challenges identified. Some lacks in image retrieval by Google search engine at website level are identified. Different codes and descriptors show different retrieval ranks and results considerable for designers, indexers and even users


Visual Communication; Image Indexing; Image Storage and Retrieval; Concept-based Image Indexing; Site Operator, Google Search Engine

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E-ISSN: 2008-8310

   ISSN: 2008-8302