'Push' and 'Pull' Modeling for RosettaNet’s PIPs

Ting Tin Tin, Vincent Khoo


This paper analyses and compares the performances of Business-to-Business e-Commerce data quality and service quality among the use of the ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ models. RosettaNet’s original Partner Interface Processes use the ‘Push’ model which suffers from data redundancy when the volume of business-to-business transaction increases. However, when the ‘Pull’ model is used, although it reduces data redundancy, it has a greater chance of not getting the latest updates. It is then argued that if the ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ models are combined, the resulting model would further enhance the overall trade document interchange performance with improved data quality and greater personalizability, especially among the smaller non-Electronics industries.

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E-ISSN: 2008-8310

   ISSN: 2008-8302