A Hybrid Technology Acceptance Approach for Using the E-CRM Information System in Clothing Industry

A. Sanayei, A. Ansari, B. Ranjbarian


A successful E-CRM strategy and implementation should be able to demonstrate a shift in the number of interactions from higher cost channels to lower cost electronic channels. Combining this with the ability to demonstrate either sustained or improved relationship strength levels will provide a good overall indicator of the value of a company’s E-CRM activities. Highly effective E-CRM comes when companies accurately allocate resources to those areas where they can have the highest impact. The technology acceptance model (TAM) is particularly useful for explaining and analyzing Information System-usage behavior and subsequently, the behavior is influenced by attitude and behavioral intention.
Therefore, this study integrates TAM with an extension of innovation diffusion theory (IDT), IS innovation model, in a complimentary manner and, furthermore, empirically concludes some guidelines for practitioners to effectively assist in the diffusion of E-CRM in Clothing Industry .Based on 85 questionnaires collect from 15 clothing companies in Iran, the research finds that studies strongly support this hybrid technology acceptance approach Using the E-CRM Information System.

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