A Framework for Assessing the Quality of Wikipedia Articles: A Meta-synthesis of the Literature

Fatemeh Fahimnia, Mansoureh Damerchiloo, Mohammad Khandan, Mahshid Eltemasi


This study aimed to design and validate an information quality assessment framework based on the systematic review of the literature. A meta-synthesis method was applied to identify features and dimensions for designing the framework for assessing the quality of Wikipedia. Following this, the validity of the obtained framework was evaluated by the Kappa Test of Agreement. The statistical population consists of all scientific documents related to the quality of information and a sample of 39 documents selected based on CASP.  MAXQDA 11 was used to analyze data. Nine dimensions were identified and classified across 3 levels. The features and components necessary to evaluate each dimension were identified and explained. The strong level approved the framework of expert agreement (0.654). The proposed framework can be used to assess the Wikipedia quality independently of specialists, improve the quality of articles through identified effective features, and ultimately, build tools and practical guidelines to assess the quality of information.



Information quality; assessment; Wikipedia; Meta-synthesis

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E-ISSN: 2008-8310

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