Knowledge Commercialization in Iran University of Medical Sciences: Faculty Members' Viewpoints

Sirous Panahi, Nahid Chelehnia, Samira Soleimanpour


Knowledge commercialization is one of the requirements of success in the modern economy. Universities and, accordingly, their faculty members play a crucial role in knowledge production and commercialization. The main purpose of the current study is to identify and review the factors influencing knowledge commercialization in the Iran University of Medical Sciences from the viewpoints of the faculty members. A cross-sectional descriptive survey was conducted on 267 randomly selected faculty members of the Iran University of Medical Sciences in line with the purpose of the study. The face validity of the scale was evaluated by seeking the opinions of five Medical Library and Information Science faculty members. The reliability of the scale was also confirmed by achieving Cronbach’s alpha test coefficient equal to 0.86. The data analysis was done using the SPSS software, version 21, descriptive statistics, and the Friedman test. Managerial requirements (M=7.71, SD=±25.69) were revealed as the most influential factor in knowledge commercialization. The cultural requirements (M=6.56, SD=+-2.82) showed the least effect. Employing experienced professional staff, faculty members’ problem-solving skills and knowledge and their research morale, supporting and equipping the involved bodies, developing a purposive, precise, and professional system for project evaluations, public financial and intellectual support, the inclusion of knowledge commercialization in the state’s strategic planning, as well as the development of a research-centered and project-centered culture in the university, are among the most important components of knowledge commercialization. Furthermore, according to the Friedman test, the structural, managerial, legal, individual, cultural, and environmental factors seemingly significantly affect knowledge commercialization in the university. Paying attention to the requirements of knowledge management implementation, especially managerial requirements, is very important for successful knowledge commercialization in universities.


Knowledge Commercialization; Research Commercialization; Iran University of Medical Sciences; Faculty Members

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