A Profitable Sponsored Search Mechanism

Faria Nassiri-Mofakham, Samer Hayek


Nowadays, the Internet has had a rapid expansion and presence in all areas of the individuals, institutions, companies and organizations lives. This has made large extent of data available so that the users need to access their desired information or services through using search engines. To continue and promote providing services, search engines require a source of income. Sponsored search advertising is the main source of revenue for search engines. In sponsored search, limited areas of the search results page are dedicated to display advertising so that the advertiser pays the advertisement cost only per click. To assign advertising areas, an auction is run among advertisers. Several models have been proposed to hold a sponsored search auction. In this study, a new model is proposed to increase the revenue of the search engine. Evaluated using synthetic data, the results of the ad-supported implementation of the search engine model indicate improved revenue in comparison to existing models.

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