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RICeST: Its Origin and Development, an Interview with Prof. Jafar Mehrad

J. Mehrad

Volume 6, Issue 1 , July 2008, Pages 1-8

  Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST), located in Fars State, is one of the international institutions of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology which is active in the area of information production and dissemination. The following interview is aimed at providing ...  Read More

Assessment of Query Reweighing, by Rocchio Method in Farsi Information Retrieval

F. Saboori; H. Bashiri; F. Oroumchian

Volume 6, Issue 1 , July 2008, Pages 9-16

  Due to the lack of users knowledge of the collections used by search engines and in general retrieval systems, users can not express their information need appropriately in queries. In other words, they do not have enough experience to formulate their needs to find related documents. The idea of ...  Read More

Some New Measures for Scientific Measurement

G. R. Fadaie Araghi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , July 2008, Pages 17-26

  This article deals with some social aspects of scientometry. Although scientometry and ISI -one of the scientometry evaluative standards- are something necessary for scientific measurement, they are not without defects. In this regard, the author argues that there are two significant points among ...  Read More

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Service: A Conceptual Paradigm

M. Jaber Hossain; Md. Shiful Islam

Volume 6, Issue 1 , July 2008, Pages 27-44

  The study discusses the traditional and online procedures and outlines of SDI service. The paper has also taken an initiative to formulate an exact matching technique between user’s subject interest and document profile with exploration along with electronic delivery of voluminous information technique. ...  Read More

Evaluation and Comparison of Free and Commercial User Interfaces of Digital Libraries

R. Alijani; M. Nikkar

Volume 6, Issue 1 , July 2008, Pages 45-57

  In this study, at first, different free and four fee book-based Digital Libraries (DLs), available via www were reviewed. Four DLs Gutenberg, 24×7, Netlibrary and Ebrary were chosen. A comprehensive inventory consisted of general information, search features, display options and unique features ...  Read More

The Role and Effect of Information Technology in the Creation and Maintenance of Sustainable Competitive Advantage

A. Talebnejad

Volume 6, Issue 1 , July 2008, Pages 59-72

  By the appropriate use of information technology, organizations can achieve sustainable competitive advantages. This technology because of including some characteristics such as being up-to-date, fast and precise and having different geographic localities all the time, has improved organizational ...  Read More

Competency Definition for Iranian Library and Information Professionals in Public Libraries

Z. Hayati

Volume 6, Issue 1 , July 2008, Pages 73-86

  The aim of this study is to investigate competency requirements of Iranian public librarians in library educational departments and working places. A group of 72 people from public libraries answered to questions. Questions cover all areas of library performances. The results show that the traditional ...  Read More

Library Use by Iran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services’ Faculty Members - 2005

F. Mohammadi

Volume 6, Issue 1 , July 2008, Pages 87-94

  Liveliness of any library is directly related to the rate of using its information services and resources. Studying the amount of the existing information resources used by faculty members, who account for a considerable portion of the library users, can be a positive step for promoting the quality ...  Read More