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Historiographical Map of Petroleum Scientific Outputs in Science Citation Index (SCI) through 1990-2011

F. Osareh; R. Khademi

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2013, Pages 1-10

  The purpose of this study was to map the structure of scientific outputs of petroleum field in Science Citation Index (SCI) accessible via Web of Science (WOS) during 1990 to 2011 and determine the position of Iran. The used research methods were citation analysis and historiography. The results showed ...  Read More

A Comparison of Web of Science and Scopus for Iranian Publications and Citation Impact

M. A. Erfanmanesh; F. Didegah

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2013, Pages 11-27

  This study mainly aims to compare the quantity of Iranian publications and their citation impact in the two popular citation databases, Scopus and Web of Science. The documents which specified Iran as their affiliated country published during 1998-2007 were selected as Iran’s publications in the two ...  Read More

An Analysis of the Availability and Persistence of Web Citations in Iranian LIS Journals

A. H. Mardani; M. Sangari

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2013, Pages 29-42

  To discover the current situation and characteristics of web citations accessibility, the present study examined the accessibility of 4,253 web citations in six key Iranian LIS journals published from 2006 to 2010. The proportion percentage of web citations increased from 11% in 2006 to 30% in 2010. ...  Read More

Mapping Unimarc Fields to FRBR Entities and User Tasks

S. Arastoopoor; R. Fattahi

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2013, Pages 43-56

  Frbrizing OPACs is viewed from two different angles: the system approach and the user approach. The first deals with different requirements of a system to be Frbrized automatically. The second regards the user as the integral element which any system attempts to serve. Due to the very huge number of ...  Read More

Digital Library Interoperability: Proposing a Model

M. Alipour Hafezi; A. Horri; A. Shiri; A. Ghaebi

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2013, Pages 57-75

  The main purpose of this paper is identifying the current situation of Iranian digital libraries in terms of interoperability abilities and proposing an interoperability solution for Iranian digital libraries. Analytical survey is used in this research. In fact, questionnaire and observation were used ...  Read More

The Study of the Main Characteristics of Digital Libraries in Iran Part 1: The Situation in 2009

H. Sotudeh; E. Fallahzadeh; F. Ektefaiee

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2013, Pages 77-93

  The present research endeavors to discover similarities and differences among digital libraries in Iran and to clarify the extent of their consistency in terms of main library requisites. Using a qualitative -quantitative method, i.e. a survey research method using content analysis, it identifies Iranian ...  Read More

The Role of the Periodical Fund of the National Library Named After M. F. Akhundov in the Development of the Azerbaijani Culture and Science (1923-2008)

E. E. Mammadov

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2013, Pages 95-104

  This article elaborates on the role of the periodical fund of the national library named after M. F. Akhundov in the development of the Azerbaijani culture and science through a short survey of the funding history. The main goal of this article is to create a comprehensive historical scene of the periodical ...  Read More