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Sarcasm Detection with and without #Sarcasm: Data Science Approach

Rupali Amit Bagate; R Suguna

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 1-15

  Natural languages usually contain context, which is difficult for a machine to understand. Sentiment analysis is a contextual mining technique often used in NLP to identify, understand and extract subjective information in texts, such as people’s comments, feedback, reviews, and opinions. Sentiment ...  Read More

Virtualization System as a Decision-Making Report: A Case Study of the National Research Council of Thailand

Paralee Maneerat; Kanchit Malaivongs; Suparoek Chootongchai; Rattana Suwanwishane

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 17-31

  According to the administration of research data and funding for governmental organizations and funding agencies, the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) employs a National Research Management System (NRMS). NRCT needs different categories of data to provide information to various government ...  Read More

Research Trends on Climate Change Publications in Brics Countries: A Scientometrics Analysis

E.S. Kavitha

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 33-48

  The utility of scientometric considerations helps in dynamic/approach making. Technology forecasting provides an informed view of technology, its development, and future trends and is an essential tool in decision-making. BRICS is the abbreviation authored for a relationship of five significant arising ...  Read More

Intangible Assets: Scientometrics and Bibliometric using Social Network Analysis

Ali Asghar Sadabadi; Saeed Ramezani; Kiarash Fartash; Iman Nikijoo

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 49-73

  The present study was conducted with a scientometric approach and using the social network analysis method to investigate the relationships in the field of intangible assets. In this regard, the data of 2998 documents conducted between 1979 and 2019 based on the articles indexed in the Scopus database ...  Read More

Evaluation of Professor Jafar Mehrad's Scientific Collaborations in Library and Information Science from 1974 to 2021

Mahdi Mohammadi; Mahdieh Khoie,; Mehri Ezadi Yeghaneh

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 75-85

  Communication is the most fundamental process in research; therefore, scientific communication is the main center of the growth and development of the scientific community. Scientific communication means how scientists in each discipline can disseminate their information and knowledge through formal ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Arabic Stemmers Using Arabized Word Removal

Hamood ALshalabi; Sabrina Tiun; Nazlia Omar; Kamal Ali Alezabi; Fatima N. AL-Aswadi

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 87-102

  Other languages have influenced Arabic because of several factors, such as geographical nearness, trade communication, past Islamic conquests, science and technology, new devices, brand names, models, and fashion. As a result of these factors, foreign words are used in Arabic text and are known as Arabised ...  Read More

The Articles Published in Web of Science by Middle Eastern Researchers in Waterpipe/Cigarette Smoking: An Altmetrics Study

Reza BasirianJahromi; Hossein Arfaeinia; Shohreh SeyyedHosseini

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 103-116

  Policymakers and experts should trust health studies. On the other hand, it should be considered by the general public. Altmetrics, as a new method, seeks to examine the social effects of researchers' scientific outputs along with citation analysis indices. The present study aims to investigate the effectiveness ...  Read More

Global Research Trends in Research Data Management (RDM) – A Scientometric View

Sheriff Naseema; Rathinam Sevukan

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 117-135

  The study focuses on Research Data Management (RDM), aiming to demonstrate how RDM is evolving globally. It provides a systematic mapping of the current literature to aid in identifying core coverage and reflecting on potential trends using the scientometric technique. For detailed thematic analysis, ...  Read More

Help-Seeking behaviour for Mental Health Problems: The Bibliometric Analysis Comparing Research Trends from Malaysia and Other Countries

Ain Zuraini Zin Aris; Siti Zubaidah Othman

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 137-152

  Mental health problems have become one of the global health burdens, according to the reports from World Health Organization in 2020. By realizing the potential increase in mental health problems worldwide, the encouragement of help-seeking behaviour is pivotal to tackling the issue of mental health. ...  Read More

Study on Scientific outputs of Scholars in the Field of Digital Libraries Using Altmetrics Indicators

Ali Biranvand; Amir Reza Asnafi; Zeinab Biranvand

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 153-168

  The current study aims to calculate the relationship between Altmetric scores obtained from the observation and dissemination of digital library resources in the Dimensions database and the number of citations received in the Scopus database. Also, in another part of the research, the predictive power ...  Read More

A Systematic Review and Synthesis of Empirical Research on “Knowledge Leadership”: A New Insight in the Field of Knowledge Management

Rezvan Hosseingholizadeh; Hadi El-Farr; Nafiseh Taghizadeh Kerman; Hamide Lotfi; Mohammad Ahmadi; Mohammad Akhoondi; Seyyid Ali Salehi Baigi

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 169-192

  This paper aims to synthesize findings drawn from studies on knowledge leadership to identify the key trend of research in the knowledge management literature over the past two decades. A systematic literature review was performed over a data set of 149 related studies published in the international ...  Read More

Identifying Influential Trends in the Cloud Computing Pricing Research Using Computational Literature Review and Social Network Analysis Centrality Measures

Azade Abasirad; Mohsen Nazari; Soheil Sibdari

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 193-218

  Cloud computing has become one of the newest and most popular topics in the field of the Internet. Pricing is one of the main factors that can affect the successful implementation of cloud computing. Due to the large volume of research conducted in this field, the purpose of this study is to review the ...  Read More

Awareness on National Digital Library of India: An Empirical Study

Purnima Newar; Rimakhi Borah

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 219-230

  The digital library has gained significant importance in recent years as it provides a more suitable solution to access the knowledge or resources available anywhere and at any time. National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is a digital platform that provides access to substantial digital storage of ...  Read More

Steps for Creating two Persian Specialized Corpora

Elham Alayiaboozar; Ali Asghar Hojjatpanah

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 231-243

  Currently, most linguistic studies benefit from valid linguistic data available at corpora. Compiling corpora is a common practice in linguistic research. The present study introduces two specialized corpora in Persian; a specialized corpus is used to study a particular type of language or language variety. ...  Read More

Identifying the Motives of Instagram Users (Case Study: Psychology Students of Semnan University)

Rahman Marefat; maryam Saberi; mohammad agha dalavarpour; Safoura Arabian

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 245-256

  The new media and technologies in the information era have affected all aspects of individuals in the information society. This research aimed to investigate the motivations for using Instagram as a social network among students of the Psychology and Educational Science Faculty of Semnan University. ...  Read More

An Investigation of How to Retrieve Web-Based Information for Illiterate Users in Iran

Abbas Doulani; Mohammad Karim Saberi; Seyedeh Zahra Mirezati

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 257-274

  Illiteracy can be a significant obstacle to any given country's economic and social development. Hence, exploiting the potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can help solve this problem by creating proper solutions for the illiterate and low-literate population. This study provides ...  Read More

Knowledge Strategy Research Fronts and Intellectual Bases:Based on information visualization methodology

Seyed Hussein Sajadian; Peyman Akhavan; Asghar Mohammadi Fateh

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 275-295

  As an active and emerging research field, knowledge strategy receives extensive academic attention and acts as a compass for knowledge management strategy. The main purpose of our research is to discover and visualize emergent and transient grouping of concepts and underlying research issues and their ...  Read More

Challenges of Knowledge Flow in Islamic Azad University Libraries

Asgar Akbari

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 297-309

  Knowledge management has an increasing role in knowledge-based organizations. Academic libraries have become an essential part of knowledge organizations, and knowledge management is vital. Therefore, this study addresses the challenges of knowledge management processes in Islamic Azad University libraries. ...  Read More

A Multidimensional Framework for Measuring Scientific Leadership

Ghasem Azadi Ahmadabadi; Behrooz Rasuli

Volume 20, Issue 4 , October 2022, Pages 311-326

  Scientific progress has been one of the critical concerns of many nations in recent decades. It has become one of the top priorities at the highest policy-making levels in several countries. During the last two decades, several policies have been developed to achieve scientific progress and leadership ...  Read More