JISM is the first and only English-language journal of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of Knowledge and Information Science (Library and information Science).

We are particularly interested in receiving submissions that address (but is not limited to) the following topics in the cultivation of scientific ideas and researches:

1. Information management with emphasis on modern data processing methods for the production of information, knowledge and digital products

2. The scientific information services industry including data processing and information technologies for the production, management and dissemination of information

3. Natural Language Processing (Computational Linguistics)

4. Knowledge management (systematic management of knowledge assets in libraries and scientific information institutions through creating, sharing, using and managing knowledge and information)

5. Information literacy (identifying, evaluating and effectively utilizing the information required)

6. Control and security of scientific information systems

7. Website information architecture

8. Philosophy of Information Science

9. Communication and Information

10. Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain in libraries and scientific information systems

With the establishment of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) supported by RICeST in 2006, additional aims were set for IJISM around the following topics:

1. Scientometrics studies

2. Bibliometrics analysis

3.  Sociology of Science

4. Science, Technology and Innovation policy making

5.  Application of scientific methods in the study of science (Metascience).

6. World University Rankings

7. Webometrics studies

8. Social media